Welcome to Necropolis!

Here's a few rules to abide by. I don't ask much, so listen up and take heed!
There is to be NO flaming whatsoever! I don't like to listen to it, so I don't want it posted in my chat! If you are caught flaming, bashing or just being downright disrespectful to another chatter, you will be tossed out on your ass.
Sexual content is allowed, just be courteous to other chatters.
Be free with words. Cussing is no issue. Again, just be respectful to others before you start talking like a sailor.
Flooding is a no-no. Don't do it. If you do decide to be stupid and flood, then prepare to be warned. Two warnings is an automatic kick.
When issuing a kick for a user, please be professional. Let the reason for the kick be known and please refrain from the use of harsh or foul language, name calling or bashes.
If problems with the user continue, please use the IP kick command and ban them from the chat. Please include the reason's) you are using it.
Now then.....that wasn't so painful. Please......join us....

Issue a warning via private IM to anyone who is flooding (more than 5 continuous lines of non-communicative text) in a chat room. Inform them that you are the current highest ranking Administrator.
If the user becomes belligerent, abusive or continues flooding, kick them from the chat room. Be sure to include the reason you are using kick. Do not use profanity or any other harsh language as the reason. Be professional.
If the user returns and resumes the offensive behavior use the Ip kick command and include the reason you are using it.
If the user returns again you put them on ignore.; This will ignore a chatter, meaning they lose chat privileges and the ability to disturb you. No user should be left wondering. What did I do? This should primarily be used on repetitive abusive users who refuse to discontinue flooding a channel after you have warned via IM, kicked and ignored the user. Do not use Ban, you may only ban if you have permission by Guild Master. You may contact me at any time. If isn't calmed down by Guild Master, Guild Master will release a ban/kick ticket, in other words you are to kick/ban on sight. You may also want to put this user on ignore if they continue to harass you via IM.







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