The young man runs his hands along the first coffin, smiling to himself with delight. His brown hair fell in thick waves along his face, his skin still held a radiant glow to it although sunlight had now become his enemy. His dark eyes looked over the ancient crest, the language of his ancestor pouring through his thoughts. He tapped his fingertips along the coffin as he stepped back, walking to the next. The Russian, it's words foreign to him, but it still held much usefulness to his plan. His gaze panned to the last coffin as he walked. The German. Again, it's language was unspoken by his tongue, but all played an important role.
A tall, strong built man watched him from the shadows of the doorway. He hung his head slightly in private laughter as he thought to himself how pathetic the younger man seemed. His hand brushed his dirty blonde hair from his eyes, brilliant blue, yet covered by dark sunglasses. His muscular arms bulged beneath the tight sleeves of his silver, button up shirt. His black leather pants hugged his thighs tightly, then fell loose around his black Demonia boots. He searched his pockets for the pack of cigarettes he carried. Finding them, he pulled one and placed it between his full lips, lighting it with a silver zippo lighter. Pocketing the lighter, he stepped into the dimly lit room and looked around a moment before speaking, "Would you like a little more time alone with your corpses?" Nosfera turned quickly to look at him, glaring coldly. "Why are you not out raping one of the mortal whores? Or Ana for that matter?" He asked with a smug grin, leaning back onto one of the coffins. Epic stared at him, unaffected by his attempts at insults. He took a long drag of his cigarette, stepping closer to Nosfera as he examined the first coffin. "Because I would much rather watch you foam at the mouth as you feel up the dead guys. Are we going to get this over with or not?" he replied, looking from the coffin to Nosfera with an aggitated glare. Nosfera turned from him, laying his hands against the coffin of the Slovic. "As soon as I get what I need…" he spoke softly, his train of thought returning to his plan. Epic kept his gaze on him, arching a brow behind his dark glasses. "And how soon will that be? We may have eternity, but my patience with you does not, Nosfera." Nosfera looked up at him after a long moment of silence. "It all depends on how quickly it falls into my hands." He brushes past Epic, walking down the long hallway away from the priest chambers.
He cursed lowly to himself, begining to doubt the plan that he had worked so long and so hard to bring forth. How could Epic make him challenge his own dream? He shrugged it off, stepping into the main section of the church. His gaze fell on a young woman seated in the front pew. Her long, raven hair fell soft along her bare shoulders. Her skin was smooth and flawless, age having never touched her delicate features. Her white, colorless eyes stared at the floor, her greyish skin illuminated by the small rays of moonlight that had found their way inside the old Cathedral. Nosfera stared at her a moment, approaching her slowly. He stood close to her, guarding himself as if he were staring down a vicious dog. She glanced up at him, then dropped her gaze back to the large cobble stones beneath her stilletto heeled boots. "What is wrong with you tonight, Keeria?" He asks softly, not really caring what she has to say. She looks up at him a moment, glaring coldly, "Nothing. Why would there be?" He steps closer to her, smirking a little, "You just seemed more depressed than usual, is all…How is the baby?" Keeria looks away and sighs lightly, her gaze still cold as her face remains emotionless. "Fine, I suppose." she replies. Epic chuckles softly, whispering to himself as he watches the two from the entrance of the hallway, "What a lovely little couple."
Nosfera shakes his head a little and sits down beside Keeria, watching her a moment as she scoots further away from him. "What have you heard from Ana and Epic, Keeria?" he asks, clasping his hands in his lap. He stares at his faded blue jeans, waiting for her reply. "You have heard exactly what I have heard when they are together, Nosfera," she answers, bitterness rising in her voice. He shakes his head, growing annoyed yet again with her cold tone. " I meant information wise, Keeria…" he repeats, knowing that he cannot force an answer out of her. She turns slightly to glare at him, shrugging casually as she places a cigarette between her rich, plumb painted lips. "Nothing…they seem to only speak when no one is around now. Besides, I didn't know I was suppose to be paying attention." Growing tired of her antics, Nosfera runs a hand along his face and stands, walking to the podium and grasping it tightly. He kicks the toe of his boot off the solid wood, listening to the dull thud it maked with each kick. He sighs wearily to himself, leadership of the clan becoming harder than he had imagined. He spoke softly to himself, not caring wether he was heard by the prying ears of the others or not, "None of them see…none of them…they are so blind…they all only want power…they don't see the bigger picture…"
"What is the bigger picture then," Anallee asked as she emerged behind Epic. His eyes stayed on Nosfera, simply shrugging in reply to her. "Control…control…and freedom. All you see is power," Nosfera whispered softly. "Because that is all you wanted in the beginning," Epic spoke up. He pushed himself away from the door, lighting a cigarette and inhaling deeply. "No! I wanted what was best for the race, you wanted power. You are all blinded by that. None of you see the true light!" Nosfera yelled loudly, turning now to face the older man. Anallee stepped from behind Epic, looking Nosfera over curiously. She shook her head and spoke softly, not wishing to excite him anymore than he was already becoming, "Because your true light only exists in your twisted mind, Nosfera. There is no real reason, you're only making it up to cover up the fact you want power as well." He stared at her a moment, his eyes searching her as a small smile crept across his lips. "You most of all should understand, Ana." "All I understand, Nosfera is that we have a fledgling who is losing his mind acting as if he can run this clan. All I understand is that our leader does nothing but whine." She replied, crossing her arms gently over her chest. Epic looked to her and grinned, then leaned against the wall once again as he continued to smoke. "Not to mention you are becoming paranoid everyday, Nosfera," He spoke calmly. Nosfera glared at him, turning and walking away from the group as he muttered to himself loud enough for all three to hear, "I wouldn't be paranoid if people did not give me a reason…" Epic looked at Ana and twirled his index finger around the side of his head while mouthing the word 'insane'. Anallee released a low chuckle, then shook her head as she silenced herself.
Nosfera growled lowly and turned to look at the three, his hands placed firmly on his hips. His voice came out commanding, harsh and filled with frustrated emotions. "Insane…? You think I am insane? I should show you insane!" He yells, slamming his fist down hard on the podium. It rocked violently beneath his force, creaking and swaying with dismay. Epic pushed himself from the wall once more, stepping closer to Nosfers, showing his dominance over the younger man. "And just how would you do that? Make me play with your dead girlfriends," he asked with a smug grin on his face. "By putting you into the sunlight and seeing how long you last," Nosfera spoke, containing the rage. He gritted his teeth hard, clenching and unclenching his fists at his sides. "You wouldn't get the chance, fledging…," Epic spoke lowly. Nosfera stepped close to him now, whispering his words into Epic's face like a snake's silent hiss, "Oh no, Epic. You wouldn't have the chance. I would make sure you were as cooked as those Jews you put to death. But not before I made you dig your own grave." He backed away and watched Epic as he walked, turning finally and heading down the long aisleway to the large wooden doors. Tossing them aside, he stormed out into the cool night air. Epic tightened his fists at his sides, his anger rising fast at being threatened by a mere fledgling. How dare he threaten someone as old as he was... He looked to Keeria who had now risen and moved towards him, her hands laying gently across his chest. "You shouldn't have pushed him like that, Epic…," Keeria spoke softly. "Oh shut up, Keeria," Epic spoke harshly, pushing her hands away from him and shivering visably at her touch. He lit up another cigarette, blowing the smoke in her face as she still stood in front of him. She frowned and looked down, running a hand gently over her large stomach.
"Epic, I need to speak to you…privately." He stared at her, his face holding no expression as he spoke, "Say it, Keeria. You know I am not going to be listening anyway." "Please, Epic..," she spoke, trying to keep herself from sounding so desperate. Ana brushed past Epic, touching his arm gently on purpose as she passed. "I'll go," she spoke with a smirk on her face as she turned to Epic. "I'll be in the basement." He returns Anallee's smirk, then looks back to Keeria and speaks with a low, annoyed sigh, "What is it, Keeria? I don't have all night. I barely have a second when it comes to your concern." Keeria bit at her bottom lip hard, trying not to become as desperate as the other women she had seen throughout the years. She shook her head slightly, tossing her raven hair over her shoulders as she stood tall and poised."We need to discuss the baby. It's not just mine…" she replied, forcing her emotions to dwell under her skin for a moment longer. "Its not mine. I refuse to even claim the bastard. That baby is nothing more than the result of cheap liquor and a bad mistake," his voice grew harsh as he spoke. "But it is yours, Epic! I could not have made this child on my own. And it is not some mistake to me," Keeria's voice was low as she spoke, staying only at a whisper. She had lost the fight with her emotions. They rose, angry, bitter tears formed in her eyes. She blinked them away, knowing that Epic would only torment her worse had he seen them. "Maybe you did not make the child on your own, but you will raise the child on your own," Epic glared at her as he spoke. He pushed past her hard, secretly hoping how she would fall and lose the bastard she carried in her womb. But alas, she stood firm and watched as he walked away towards the basement.
Her fists clenched at her sides, her knuckles growing snow white from the loss of blood running to them. She glared hard at the basement door as Epic stepped inside, closing it loudly behind him. She knew too well what was going on while she was away...she knew the things they discussed while alone. Jealousy and bitter rage ran through her blood like a million tiny demons stabbing her skin from the inside with razors. The hatred grew and this time, she could not shake it away like she had so many times before. No, she knew what had to be done. Anallee was to be removed if there was ever a hope for her to have back the one thing she cared for, the only thing left in her life that made it worth living. She slammed her fist into the hard stone of the wall, shattering large pieces from it. They fell like shards of glass around her tall, slender frame. Keeria did not care... She looked at her hand as it bled, licking the blood from the white knuckles with a gentle stroke of her tongue. She turned on heel and walked quickly from the church, her mind racing with murderous thoughts of Anallee.
A man watched her as she exited the church. His snow white hair fell loosely across his crimson eyes. He smirked and shook his head, falling into pace beside her. She looked over at him, but kept her pace. He reached out a large, pale hand, laying it along her shoulder and waited as she stopped. Keeria looked at him, her height nearly the same as his own. He spoke softly, his words filled with the wisdom that only time and age could bring, "Keeria, you must calm yourself. You know being this angry is not good for you, or that child. And it will not get you what you want." She glared at him, her anger still clearly visable as she shrugged his hand from her shoulder. "What I want is that Romanian rat dead," her voice filled with hatred. "It is her fault he treats me like that." He stares at her, his hand dropping back to his side, covered once more by the blood red robe he wore. He shook his head slightly as he spoke, "You can not place the blame solely on Ana. Even though she much to blame for his attitude, it is still his attitude." "What are you trying to say, Alucard? That he hates me anyway," her voice broke as she questioned him, the thoughts of it being true hitting her hard. He stared at her with a tiny glimpse of saddness in his old eyes. She had been his only friend and he had been her only for so long. They had come to depend on each other like small children to a parent. The next words he spoke came hard for him. He knew how she would react, the hurt she would feel. He stared at her a moment and sighed softly, "Yes, Keeria," he spoke gently. Keeria swallowed hard, her defenses rising along with the pain she felt inside. How could he do this to her? He was supposed to be her best friend, the only man she could fully trust. She shook her head quickly, "No, Alucard…it isn't true. She is the reason he is like this. He never treated me so harshly until she came. No, Alucard..she must be taken care of." Alucard steps closer to her, brushing a few strands of raven hair from her face. "You are going down the wrong path of thinking. You are fighting for something that you wish you once had, and something that does not want you." "No, I had him once…you know that, Alucard. I did…," Keeria's voice became soft for a mere moment. "You did not have his heart, Keeria," Alucard sighed before he continued. "You merely had his body, nothing more. You know that. And now you are fighting for it again." His words rang with a hard tone of truth, his eyes almost pitying the young woman. He removed his hand from her face, noticing how it had lingered for too long on her soft skin. "That is not true," she yelled at him, her anger rising once more. "I had Epic to myself until she came alone! She took him away. She uses him to taunt me…to mock me," her words fell hard against the night air as her mind began to once again make up reasons to hate Anallee. "No, she must be taken out of the picture." He shook his head and sighed, knowing there was no getting through to her now. He gave into her, speaking softly, "What ever you say, Keeria," he sighed once more, giving up. "What do you wish to do?"
She looked at him for a long moment, stepping closer. Her face showed signs of delight for his help while her colorless eyes held no emotions at all. Alucard stared at her, taking in her morbid beauty. He chuckled softly at how easily she had won him over and manipulated him yet again.

"What does she see in him," Nosfera whispered to himself as he watched Alucard and Keeria from a safe distance. "Either of them, for that matter. He's pathetic. He has no real strength," he chuckled to himself after he spoke. His hand wondered to his wavy hair, pushing it back across his head. He smirked as he talked, his eyes darting around the two as they still spoke quietly with each other. He wondered if they had even acknowledged his presence. "Yes, exactly," he spoke as if he had just answered himself or another person. He chuckled before he spoke aloud again, loving the sound of his own voice echoing through the quiet night wind. "But why Ana? Why would she be drawn to him? He can offer her nothing…I watch as she hurts each time he berates her or hits her…" his voice became filled with emotions, his affections for her coming to the surface once more. He tried to push them down, but they would not leave his mind nor his heart. He paced a little, his dark eyes dropping to the ground as he walked in thought. "There are people who could offer her more…more than just yelling and beating. There are other people, they could offer her true love...," his voice trailed off for a moment before speaking once more, "I could." He shocked himself at his own admission of love. How could he love her? How could he feel this way about her? He grabbed his hair hard in his hands, shaking his head. His black duster blew around him in the cool wind, his faded blue jeans making a slight noise as they blew with the coat. He looked up after a long moment, noticing that Alucard and Keeria had vanished into the night. Sighing lowly to himself, he turned to his right and began walking down the street. His figure became dimmer in the passing darkness until he was nothing more than a shadow in the night.

Chapter 2

"Raynee," Morpheus yelled at her as he turned from the dead body in her bed to look at her. "What? It is my house after all," she spoke with a coy smile on her face. "Besides, I was bored and lonely." She tossed her long, crimson hair over her slender, bare shoulders as she stared into the vanity mirror. Her complexion was flawless, a milky white perfection of God. Her ice blue eyes stared back at her through the reflection, she sighed softly and picked up the silver handled brush and ran it along the silken strands of hair. "You can not keep doing this. I am getting tired of covering up your dirty little secrets so that the others of the house do not found out about their mistress's little toys," her brother yelled again, pushing the body to the floor and clearing the bed of it's linen. "This is my house, Morpheus. I shall do as I like. And if the others do not approve, then they know the way to the front door."She spoke casually, her words flowing from her full lips as she put down the brush and ran her fingertips along her cheek bones. He glared coldly at her, the sheets wadding in his large hands as he walked to the laundry shoot. "And that is why you are lonely, Raynee. You seem to think everyone has to play by your rules, or leave." Her face fell cold and saddened a moment. She looked away from the mirror, closing her eyes slightly to hide her reflection. "I am lonely because Nosfera left me…not even a goodbye…" she answered quietly, her words falling in a whisper around the room. Morpheus rolled his eyes and groaned loudly, slamming the soiled sheets into the laundry shoot, letting the door bang loudly to a close. He turned and walked back to his sister, placing his hands on her bare shoulders as he leaned down to face her in the mirror. "I am going out for a drink. I refuse to stay here and listen to you moan over someone who is better off dead, Raynee. Face facts, he was not good enough for you. You will move on…if you will just allow yourself to." He removed his hands and walked from the room, slamming the door in frustration. Raynee jerked slightly at the loud noise, closing her eyes and slumping her shoulders in defeat. She knew that what he said had been the truth, but she was too proud and too bitter to let herself ever see it. She remained at the vanity a moment longer before rising and walking to the door. She took ahold of the golden handle and pulled gently, stepping quietly into the hall. Her black slip dress fell along the marbled tiles as her bare feet made no sounds. She descended the staircase and stepped towards the two french doors that opened to the front porch. She peered outside, shaking her head and speaking softly as she watched her brother walk down the driveway. "What would you know about it, baby brother?" she muttered quietly to herself, her eyes straining to see Morpheus clearly as he began to disappear into the thick darkness of the night."You're too drunk to know feelings or emotions anymore.." She turned away from the doors, shaking her head slightly in disgust, mostly at herself. She walked to the large, burgundy leather couch and laid across it. Closing her eyes slowly, she draped her slender arm over her face and allowed her body to drift into a restless sleep.

Anallee sighs softly as her shoulders roll gently forward, then back. The motion repeats over and over, Epic's large hands massaging them with a kind touch. He smirked at her content manner, having not seen it before. His hands found their way down her spine, resting on the small of her back. He rubbed gently, his finger tips sliding slowly under her shirt, touching her smooth, cool flesh. His grin widened across his pearl fangs, his heartbeat racing as his body shivered slightly with excitement. Epic placed the other hand under her shirt, feeling much more brave at this point. He found no resistance from Anallee as he worked his fingers towards the snaps on the back of her bra. He touched the silken material, his body laying against hers. He leaned forward, his warm breath on her neck as he worked the snaps. Becoming aggitated when they would not break loose from each other, he contemplated ripping the bra from her body. Anallee pulled away quickly, turning to gaze at him a moment before speaking. "God Epic…" she rolled her eyes as she spoke before turning away from him. "I wasn't in the mood, anyway." Epic growled lowly before he spoke, "You never are anymore. It should be considered a national holiday every time you even touch me." "It would help if you always didn't act as if sex is the only thing we have between each other," she fixed her bra and shirt as she spoke. "And maybe it would help if there was actually any between us," he contained his anger now as best he could. She shot him an icey glare, hurt by his actions more than his cruel words. "Well, I am just so sorry I don't jump on you every time you feel like getting laid Epic," She turned and glared at him before she spoke again, "Maybe you should go find Keeria. She is obviously more willing than I am." He balled his fists at his sides, his dark sunglasses slipping down his nose slightly as he returned her glare. "I wouldn't touch her…ever again. That was a mistake," the anger in his voice threatened to erupt now. Ana stared at him a moment, her eyes searching his own brilliant blue ones as a mischievious smirk crept across her pale lips. "You know, I don't think it was," she began to taunt his anger. "Because if it was a mistake the first time, then you wouldn't have continued on with it for centuries." He turned away from her, pushing the glasses back into place as he ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair. "Just shut up, Ana…" he spoke softly, his anger more appearant with each word. "Why should I, Epic? I hate how you seem to think you are allowed to say what ever comes to mind when it comes to myself, but I am not allowed to speak mine. I am not just some play thing you can control," the aggitation in her voice rose threateningly, tempting Epic's rage more now. He turns abruptly, nearing her as his breathing quickens. She backs away slowly, bumping into the wooden table, grasping it tightly with her hands. He leans into her, his nose touching her own as he grips her hands and pushes them deeper into the rotting wood. She winces in pain, but does not let her emotions rise in front of Epic. He presses his body against her, pushing her back onto the table until she is bent over it. Epic strokes a hand along her stomach, trailing his fingers across her heaving breasts until they lay to rest across her pale throat. She swallows hard, closing her eyes in fear and in anger. He leans in close, his breath blowing gently along her cheek as he whispers in her ear, his strong hand squeezing the air from her body, "You're right, Ana. You aren't a play thing for me to control. You're not even worthy enough to be a play thing. No man on earth would want to play with something who is always depressed and has let her hatred consume what beauty may have been there," his words struck hard against Ana, digging into her very emotions.
"Get away from me, Nazi," she gasped gently, trying to force the words through her shallow breathing. He smirked down at her before he spoke softly, yet with a voice which struck fear in her, "No." Her eyes closed tightly, her heart racing so fast she thought it might burst. She twisted beneath his grip, fighting for what small gasps of air she could manage. Her body screamed from the lack of oxygen, her muscles tiring quickly. Epic squeezed tighter, smiling to himself at the pleasurable feeling at having another breaking to your whim. "Get off of me, Epic….now," she forced herself to raise her voice, unable to yell from his tight grasp. "Or what, Romanian rebel," he laughed coldly as he asked. He leaned back, watching as her skin grew paler, her eyes widening in complete fear. He knew he could kill her, just like he had killed all the others so many centuries ago. Anallee gasped loudly, sputtering the words from her lips with her last fighting breath, "Or I swear to God, Epic I will kill you and bury you like some filthy Jew…" He glared hard at her, his anger erupting from his body like the vast pits of a once dormant volcano. How dare she! How dare she bring up those filthy, worthless jews! So many he had killed, to clean the earth of their race once and for all. He remembered the day, the day he had led more than three hundred into the showers... their bodies cascading down the ditches in lifeless piles. He drew back his hand, slapping Ana hard across the face. She fell to a small pile on the hard floor, shaking slightly as she rose onto her left hand, wiping the small bit of blood from the corner of her mouth with the right. She looked up at him through the hair that had fallen across her face, anger and determination seen in her eyes. He watched her a moment, his own anger rising as the pounding of Nazi drums echoed through his mind. The war march, the salutes, all the images raged back at him as he released a low growl. His eyes flashed behind his glasses like a madman as he bent down, grabbing Ana by the back of her hair. She twisted hard, fighting against him as he dragged her across the floor. Epic stopped, swinging his arm hard and tossing her into the wall. She fell limp onto the floor, her body crying out for solace. She tried to stand, but only fell back to her knees, swaying gently. Epic neared her again, grabbing her by the arm and slamming her against the wall. He drew back his fist and punched her twice in the stomach, blood pouring slowly from her lips. He released her, watching as she fell back to her knees. She looked up at him weakly, her eyes rolling back slightly from the pain. She did not cry out. He found her silence even more frustrating. He unzipped his pants, exposing himself to her as he grabbed her face with both hands. Epic pushed her against him, watching as she fought against his force. She threw her hands against his hips, pushing herself away with as much strength as she could manage. He was too strong. He forced himself onto her again, moaning gently. Her mind raced, her body still crying out. Anallee bit down hard, falling backwards as he released her with a painful cry. She wiped a shakey hand across her mouth, watching as Epic toppled to the floor, holding himself and cursing her, "You stupid bitch!" he screamed in pain. "What's wrong, Epic? The little Nazi not able to take a little pain?" her voice shakes as she speaks, tempting her fate once more. He pushed himself slowly from the floor, staggering to his feet. "I am going to kill you," he spoke softly, yet his voice was filled with a deranged hatred, an unnatural viciousness.
"I thought you would be use to that sort of stuff, Nazi. I am sure most of the Jews you raped in those camps fought back, didn't they?" she snapped back, scooting away from him until her back hit against the stone wall. She stared up at him defiantly as he approached her. "You're going to pay, Ana…dearly…" he spoke as he walked towards her.
"Am I now, Epic?" she posed the question daringly, ignoring her insides as they begged her to stop. "Because if that is all you can possibly think to torture me with, then it is wonder I touch you at all." Her body shivered visably as she looked up at him, fear pushing itself to the surface as she fought to hold it back. He crouched down, his hands resting on his knees as he stared at her. Anallee shrunk back away from him, her defenses rising as she awaited his next attack. Epic stared at her, his eyes peering above his dark sunglasses as he searched her face silently. His hand reached out quickly, touching her face with soft strokes. She cringed, his touch repulsing her now. He smirked at her disgust, her actions fueling his insanity even more. He withdrew his hand and stared at her a moment longer before rising, standing just before her. He drew back his right leg, kicking her hard in the jaw. Anallee's head snapped sideways hard, her mouth releasing a loud gasp as she fell to the floor once more. Epic kicked her repeatedly, listening as the bones in her chest and arm broke with a loud, sickening crack. She cried out in pain, her body screaming with terror and shock. She rolled into a small ball, gasping for breath and fighting the seering pain that poured over her. Epic smiled down at her, crouching before her to admire his handy work. He leaned in close, watching as she writhed in pain. His words whispered in her ear as she groaned, "Anything else you would like to say?" Ana mutters lowly, unable to form any real words through her pain and fear as she tried to gasp for air. She laid her head against the cold, hard floor, praying for death to take her. "Come on now, speak up or forever hold your peace," his voice echoed gently through out her body, his tone more soothing, but less insane. He shifted, moving closer to her as his breath blew gently along her disheveled hair. "Just stop…," she forced herself to speak up quietly, almost lower than a whisper. "Just go, please…," the terror and pain in her voice poured out like a river because she could not contain it any longer. She lifted her head slowly, her eyes dim from the seering pain beneath her surface. Her mouth was crimson red, blood flowing gently from her lips past her chin and onto the surface of the floor. Bruising was visable around her neck and wrists, the tops of her hands turning black. "Go? But dear Ana, I would never leave your side," a sadistic grin crept across his face as he spoke, his voice never rising above a whisper. He placed a hand gently under her chin, lifting it carefully as he studied her face silently. Ana pulled herself away with as much strength as she could, her head rolling weakly to the side as she lay back on the ground. "Just go, Epic…no more. Just go away," the desperation in her voice made her sound weak and helpless, but she could not contain it any longer. She looked at him, searching his face for any ounce of pity that he may show towards her. But she found none in his cold, masked eyes. "Whatever you say, liebe," his spoke his last words slowly, delaying the moment that he may or may not leave. She turned her gaze away from him, no longer wishing to look at the man she once cared for, the man who had broken her spirit in a matter of moments. Epic stood and turned away from her, lighting a cigarette as he limped away from her crippled body. His face held no expression of care, concern or even pleasure. He deemed himself emotionless yet again.

Keeria watched from the top of the stairs. She lit a cigarette between her dark painted lips, turning as she exited the basement. She chuckled to herself, having seen all of the beating that Anallee took. She deserved it, she thought silently, walking towards the platform at the front of the Cathedral and sitting upon it. She let her legs fall carelessly in front of her, a hand placed gently on her large stomach. She continued to chuckle, loudly enough now for the man watching her to become quite interested. He stepped from the shadows, his brown hair having been windblown from the cool fall air. He stood in front of her, crouching as his hands laid across his knees. He took one and placed it atop hers along her hard, round stomach. She glared at him slightly, not taking well to being touched. He smirked at her, posing his question carefully so as not to arouse her suspicions, "What has made you so happy tonight?" "Wouldn't you like to know," She smirks and shakes her head, "Germans put on the best shows sometimes...emotions flying and such." She inhaled from the cigarette deeply, the smoke billowing in small, white trails from her nose. "By Germans, you can obviously only mean Epic," He arched an eyebrow at her comment before asking, "What has he done now?" She grinned at him, leaning forward slightly, no longer caring how his hand had lingered on her skin for far too long. "More like what didn't he do," she chuckled to herself, trying to contain her obviously glee and happiness. "Maybe you should ask Ana. That is, if she can even speak by now." Keeria leaned back onto one elbow, pulling the cigarette back to her lips for another long drag. He stared at her for a long time, letting the hand that had rested on her stomach fall back to his knee. "Ana? What happen to Ana," he forced himself to keep his now concern for her out of his voice. He refused to let his emotions show. Keeria stared at him a moment, but dismissed the thought as she continued, "He did what he always does, Nosfera. Simply beat some sense into her," she smiled coldly as she remembered the event. Nosfera glared at her, shaking his head slightly as he pondered how someone could be so heartless to another of their clan. "Beat her…again? Why this time," his anger began to show vaguely through his words. "Why? You should know why, Nosfera. You know how she is. She never seems to shut up. She always has to speak as if her opinion is wanted. But not this time…no," her Russian accent became thick as she spoke, the pleasure of seeing Ana hurt exciting her emotions and demented sickness," "No, this time Epic put her in her place this time. Maybe now she will learn before she speaks again…" Nosfera stood, turning away from her slowly as he spoke, "Ah, I see," he nodded as he understood her. He held back his anger now, not allowing it to surface in front of her, "I am going inside to check on the ancients." He walked to the long hallway that led to the priest quarters, slowing to lean against the wall just outside the doorway to the room that held his precious caskets. He sighed softly, shaking his head as he looked to the ground. Muttering to himself, he did not care if his spoken words were heard by anyone but himself, "How could he do that to her? Her, of all people! She practically wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to him, and he merely disregards it," the anger in his voice poured out freely now. He turned, his hands placed against the wall as he continued to speak his thoughts loudly. "It was a mistake…all a mistake. I should have never taken him in…never. And now…now because he has drained her of her energy again…the plan may not be complete! No, this can not continue. Epic has to be taken care of…and soon." He punched the wall with enough force to shatter large chunks from it. Nosfera drew back his hand, looking at it with curiosity as the deep red blood flowed from his knuckles. He brought it to his mouth, sucking gently as his eyes lightened with an undying thirst. He jerked his hand away, staring at it as blood ran from his lips. He shook his head and continued into the room containing the coffins, shutting the door quietly behind him.

Keeria sat alone on the platform, her mouth still curled into a wicked smirk. Epic approached her from the shadows of the basement, stopping just before her and staring down with a curious arch in his brow. She stood slowly, stepping close enough to him to place her hand along his chest. Her eyes fortold deep wanting as she looked him over, biting her bottom lip gently. He stood perfectly still, listening as she spoke, "Where were you going?" He stared at her a moment, speaking calmly, "Just out," his smooth and normal tone had returned, giving no hint of his former self that emerged earlier. He turned away from her, looking into the darkness after he spoke. She pulled her hand back to her side, lowering her gaze from his face. "Oh, I see," she spoke softly. "Why don't you just stay out here with me tonight? At least that way you won't have to be out alone," her voice became softer, and now alluring to a small degree. She looked back up to him, her white eyes searching his dark features for something, anything. Epic turned back to look at her, smirking before he spoke, "Maybe I will. I would much rather be here than alone tonight." She smiled gently, trying to hide her excitement behind her cold demeanor. "Do you really mean that, Epic?" she asked uncertainly, insecure of herself once again. "Of course I mean it, Russian," He grinned after he spoke and reached up, stroking her cheek softly. "You know that deep inside, even if I don't show it at times, that I truly care about you." Keeria smiled broadly, her lips sliding gently along her pearl white fangs as she spoke,"I always knew you did. I always knew that inside how you felt and knew that you and I belonged together."
"Of course, Keeria. And you're exactly right," He stroked her hair gently now, letting it flow through his fingers like strands of silk. He grew quiet as he studied her, her young features, the soft undertone of her usually cold, grey complexion. He had not noticed these things before. But then again, he had never cared to notice. "But there is one thing I never understood...." his other hand dropped to her stomach, stroking it gently. Keeria closed her eyes, embracing his touch openly, sighing contently before she spoke, "What's that, Epic?" He grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her against him, gazing into her white eyes before he spoke, "How in the hell you could be so damn pathetic?" He tossed her back into the steps roughly as his cold demeanor surfaced again. "Really, Keeria. You are a sad excuse for a living being. You're the number one reason I will never be able to look at cheap liquor again. You make me sick and disgust every fiber in my body. How could you really think I would ever care for you? You are a whore, Keeria. That's all you ever were to me." His words spat from his mouth with the viciousness of a hissing snake, his eyes glaring at her from behind the dark sunglasses. She shivered, staring at him with shock and hurt pouring from her cold face. Her body seered in pain as she lay against the floor, her eyes closing as she tried to focus. She grabbed her stomach and held it tightly, curling into a small ball as she groaned loudly. Epic looked at her, a sadistic smirk pressed his lips as he spoke to her with cold, uncaring words, “You are sad, Keeria. Thinking I could care for you…and for a moment you actually thought I would care for that bastard child.” He turned away from her, leaving her alone with her pain, uncaring towards her needs. She opened her eyes, wincing in pain as she watched Epic leave. Alucard knelt beside Keeria, looking away from her a moment to make sure that they were alone. Satisfied, he rolled her onto her back, stripping her of her pants. Keeria stared down at him, fear overwhelming her as she knew this was the time. There was no turning back as she was about to give birth to the child she had carried inside of her for so long, the child she would now share with Epic. He may call it a bastard, she thought, and disown it as of now...but when it is born... Her thoughts flooded in and out as deliria and fear over came her. Alucard positioned himself between her slender, pale knees, pushing on her stomach slightly as one hand laid gently atop the baby's crowning skull. Keeria propped herself onto her elbows, pushing hard as her face flushed with color from the strain. She groaned loudly through gritted teeth, her eyes closing tightly as she pushed again and again, harder each time. Alucard threw up a hand, working quickly to rid the baby's mouth of any mucous as the face emerged. He slowly pulled the baby's head clear of Keeria, thrusting her knees back as she gave one last, long hard push. The baby fell from her body and into Alucard's waiting arms. He turned the small child onto her stomach, patting her back furiously until she released a howling scream. Keeria fell back along the platform, her body shaking as she sobbed from a mixture of relief and joy. Emotions overwhelmed her body and her mind. Alucard smiled to her, removing a piece of his blood red robe to wrap the small child. He held the baby to Keeria, speaking softly as he looked upon the two, He held the baby to Keeria, speaking softly as he looked upon the two, "It is a girl, Keeria." She took the child from Alucard, cradling it in her arms gently, looking up from the girl to Alucard as she spoke, "Darvian…I will name her Darvian," She looked back to the child. "Epic's daughter…" Alucard shook his head gently, standing and walking away from Keeria as she peered down at the child, talking softly to her. He sighed lowly and continued on towards the priest chambers, muttering lowly to himself about Keeria simply diluting herself yet again. He knew as well as the others that Epic was lost to her now, more than he would have ever been before the arrival of his first child. He stopped in the hallway outside a far door when he heard low talking. He pressed his ear against the high poilished wood, listening intently as the voices became higher.
Nosfera slammed his hands on the second casket, the Russian. He drummed his fingers along the old, well kept wood as his head bowed in thought. Anallee stood near the closed door, her arms crossed over her chest. Her patience wore thin with the younger man, her bruises plainly seen by the dim candle light. Tapping her foot against the floor, she rolled her eyes and sighed gently, her voice breaking the thick silence between them. "Nosfera, just calm down. Keeria is bound to go into labor soon enough and then we can complete the task with the ancients." "Soon is not soon enough, Ana," He turned to look at her, choosing to ignore her bruising to keep himself from being enraged any further as his thoughts dwelled on the ancients. "This has to be done before Raynee or Morpheus get any idea of what we are doing." She sighed heavily once more, drawing his attention to the fact that she had grown very impatient with his childish approach at leadership. She spoke to him as a true leader should, although her voice remained calm through her rising frustration. "There is nothing we can do about her. And trust me that if I knew a way, I would have done it by now and be done with her. But right now, we will have to wait. And I still have to discuss it with Epic." "Discuss? With him?" Nosfera scoffed and turned away from her. "The only thing he knows how to discuss is how many times to beat the ones that care for him so unjustly," his voice showed a hint of jealousy. He lowered his gaze to the coffin, his fingertips tracing the ancient seal as the symbols flooded his mind with hopes of power and venegance. Anallee glared coldly at him before speaking, "Anyway, Nosfera…I still need to tell Epic about it…since it is his child after all. Not that he will care any. But as soon as that child is bled, then it will be complete." Nosfera stared at the casket of the Slavic ancient. He seem to drift into a trance as his mind raced, then gently he spoke, "We need the blood of an innocent or this can not be complete. That child is our last chance at making sure the ancients rise and fulfill our destiny," he sounded dazed, as if talking like a lunatic would.
"Do not worry, Nosfera," She walked over to him slowly. She stood across the casket, facing him as her features and voice became soft, "We will be able to complete this." He looked into her face, into her eyes. "I hope you're right, Ana…" He reached out a large hand, stroking his thumb across the top of her pale, flawless skin. She stared at his hand for a long moment, not wanting to be taken in by his simple gesture and misleading herself with a weak, annoying fledgling. She withdrew her hand slowly, stepping away from the coffin and towards the door. She glanced over her shoulder, remembering the fight with Epic and how it had hurt her more emotionally than physically. Her body shivered slightly, Nosfera's eyes gazing upon her as she stood motionless. He stood from the casket, walking towards her, touching her shoulder. He spoke to her gently, a concerned, caring tone not much heard rang from his hushed words. "You do not have to put up an act around me, Ana. I see your pain as clearly as the others do. I read it in your eyes." Ana looked at him a moment after he spoke then to his hand. She pushed it off before she spoke, brushing her own hand along her shoulder in disgust. "Don't touch me, fledgling." Her words fell cold upon the darkened room, her hatred of men rising with each passing moment. Nosfera with drew his hand, clenching it into a fist as his jealousy mixed with his anger. He stared at her back a long moment before speaking, his rage obviously clear, "Why is that you can't take a kind touch, Ana?! Why is the only touch you seem to accept is that of a man who would strike you before ever giving you a loving touch?" She gazed coldly at him, her icy stare sending a silent chill up Nos's spine. Her emerald eyes which usually held a strange, alluring brillance to them shone dull and dim. "Why do you presume to know so much about Epic and I myself, Nosfera? I would rather have a drunken pimp touch me than you," Her gaze became a deadly glare. "You make me sick, Nosfera."
He too returned her glare, making his own as deadly as her own. "I don't have to presume, Anallee I know. Don't forget I live here as much as you do. You never did answer my question, did you? Or do I have to resort to Epic's standards and simply beat it out of you?" His clenched his fist tighter at his side, watching her every move with his insane jealousy overcoming him. "Just you try it, Nosfera...," She stepped closer to him as his fist caught her eye. "And when you think you do have guts enough to hit me, you had better make sure the first blow killed me…" Nosfera glared at her coldly, his rage building as he took the challenge as a threat to his manhood, his very being. Who did this bitch think she was? Was he not the leader of this misfit clan? Did he not have the most brilliant of ideas to give them the mightiest of powers? How dare she... He clenched his fist tighter, stepping as close to her as he possibly could. His breathing fell heavy across her cheek, but she did not back down. Ana stared into his eyes, her defiance having raised beyond control. After what seemed like hours, Nosfera growled lowly and turned on heel, walking back to his precious caskets. He stared at each one of them, losing himself back in his own thoughts, blocking Anallee from his mind for as long as he could. She stared at him, almost confused and proud at the same moment. She slumped her shoulders, releasing her guard as she leaned back against the door. She watched him for a long moment, studying his features and how he seemed to lose himself in the bodies. Disgusting, she thought silently to herself. How could a man who enjoyed spending so much time with rotting bodies wish to touch her so badly? She shook her head slightly, willing the thought to go away before her skin began to crawl yet again.
Alucard shook his head, backing away from the door. He moved silently from the hallway and back into the main part of the church. He glanced to where Keeria had sat with her new child, but found it empty. Basement...he thought. He walked down the long aisleway to the front doors, stepping outside into the cool night and disapearing in the shadows. Epic entered the church, looking around a moment as strange feeling overcame him. He shrugged it off and walked towards the priest quarters. Rapping on the door to Nosfera's room gently, he entered without an okay and stepped inside. He peered through the darkness, staring at Anallee as she now stood close to Nos, speaking in hushed whispers about the ancients, or so he had assumed. "He does not care about you, Ana! Why do you allow yourself to be so easily deceived?" Nosfera pointed out to her, posing his question through his jealous frustration. His eyes looked into her own, searching her soul for something only he wanted to see. "I am not being deceived, Nosfera," her voice staying calm and low, both still unaware Epic was watching. "You are just too jealous to understand that." She watched him as he stood silent, her eyes peering back at him. They had now resumed their small brilliance, alluring him in strange ways that he could not explain. "I am not jealous…” his voice trailed off for a moment as he looked away from her. "I am just being realistic. You have let…Epic…into your life, thinking he does care for you and shunned the rest. You will not even allow those who do care for you get anywhere near you." He looked up to her once more. He sighed softly, his emotions pouring from his features as he stared at her. She stared at him a moment, shaking her head and returning his low sigh. "No, it is you who are not being realistic. Stop chasing after something you can not have, Nos," her words fell hard against his body, almost making him want to fall over. "But what I do have with Epic…," but she was cut off by another voice. She turned quickly to see who was speaking to them, her eyes narrowing with anger and fear as her gaze fell upon a man's large figure.
"…Is not something deceiving," Epic spoke as he entered the room, walking up to Ana. He stood behind her and slid an arm around her small waist, pulling her gently against him as he grinned smugly at Nosfera. "So take her advice and stop trying to take what you can not have." Nosfera glared coldly at Epic, doing his best to contain his rage. He looked down at Ana, noticing how she did not resist Epic's touch, not even after what happen, not even though he could read the fear and anger in her eyes at seeing the man enter. He stood confused a moment, his hatred towards the German building beyond his control. "What you have is something you do not deserve," he kept his voice at a whisper, his rage dripping off each word. "To you I may not deserve it," He lowered his head as he placed his cheek against Ana's, rubbing his with her own as he looked to Nosfera. "But I still have it." Nosfera turned his face away, closing his eyes slightly as he slammed his fist across the top of the first coffin. Epic's grin broadened, watching Nosfera's anger and jealousy with pleasure. Anallee turned her face away, not wishing to be involved in the fight over her. She was her own person, or so she had thought. Men could not own her, she did not want to be some thing purchased at a store to be tossed aside. She pulled away from Epic's embrace, walking towards the door. Nosfera looked up now, his eyes meeting with Epic's before lingering on Anallee's small frame. Epic glared at the other man, side stepping into his view of her. He cracked his knuckles loudly as he stared at Nosfera, hating the fact that a mere fledgling claimed to control him. Nosfera leaned away from the coffin, his hands laying at his sides. He stepped towards Epic, his breathing becoming heavier with each foot fall. Epic stood still, his height towering over Nosfera as he watched the younger man approach. Anallee sighed, walking back into the room and between the two men, speaking softly, "Both of you just stop fighting, alright? This isn't going to get us anywhere." Nosfera glared into Epic's eyes, noticing how his glared was returned. He spoke, but never took his eyes away from Epic, "Step aside, Ana."He commanded her like a child, stepping closer to Epic. "No, Nosfera," the defiance in her voice echoed greatly as she turned from Nosfera to Epic. "Come on, Nazi. Let's just go to bed." She laid her hand gently along Epic's arm, her finger tips lightly running along his smooth skin. Epic forced himself to turn away from Nos as he looked down at Ana. Her emerald eyes pleaded with him, letting the exhaustion the night has caused her to show. He sighed and turned back to look at Nosfera. "Fine," he replied through clenched teeth, taking Ana by the hand and leading her towards the door. Nosfera watched as they walked away, his anger still very much appearant. He turned away as they exited, shaking his head slowly and returning to the coffins. He stared at each one, muttering obscenties softly to himself. His body grew weak from too many sleepless nights, his mind fading in and out of thought. Finding it hard to focus, he sighed lowly and gave up, laying down in one of the old beds in the chamber to rest.

Chapter 3

Raynee hurried to the door upon hearing the soft rapping against the hard wood. She pulled the door open quickly, startling, as she did not expect the visitor on the other side. Alucard smiled gently from the other side of the door, his white hair falling across his crimson eyes as he stared at her. He took her in, drinking the beauty from her body as he stepped towards her. She stepped back a little, looking at the older man with curiosity. Alucard bowed politely to the mistress, speaking in his usual calm, collected demeanor, "I know we do not know each other, but I need your help, mistress. And not just myself, but two others as well, including only a new born." She stared hard at him, pulling a cigarette from the pack in her hand. She placed it between lush, dark painted lips and inhaled deeply. "Well, first off, you might want to tell me who you are," she spoke coldly, almost snapping with annoyance because of her moody state as of late.
Alucard stared at her a moment, never allowing his collective composure to leave him. His white hair fell along his cheeks, his hand reaching to his face to brush the strands aside as he spoke. "My name is Alucard, mistress. I belong with the rebels…"
"The rebels…” she asked protectively, narrowing her eyes at him. "What is the real reason you are here?" She inhaled the cigarette again, letting the smoke roll from her lips as she spoke. Alucard shook his head and held up his hands in defense. "Please, mistress my real reason is your help. Keeria and her child are in danger from the other three. And if they succeed, so are you." He stared at her sympathetically with his crimson eyes, his charm almost eluding her for a moment. She shook her head slightly, her crimson hair swaying with the movement of her body. She turned away from him, her hips swaying back and forth seductively as she entered the sitting room. She turned to face Alucard, motioning him inside as he remained in the doorway. He chuckled lightly and bowed his head with respect before following her. She took a seat on the richly colored couch, offering him one as well. Raynee's voice came soft, yet demanding from her lips, “Give me one good reason why I should help you, Keeria, or her bastard child.” “I have already told you, Raynee you will suffer as well if you do not help. When Nosfera and Anallee bleed that child, the ancients will rise.”Alucard replied, combing his hand through the snow white hair that hung whistfully along his well aged face. Raynee arched an eyebrow at the statement. “Nosfera…,” hurt flooded her voice, the internal wounds that were inflicted still fresh, yet revenge seemed to also mix with the pain. She thought hard for a few minutes, letting the silence be the calm for her emotions. Finally, she spoke, “Alright Alucard, I will help…but only on one condition.” “Anything, mistress.” He watched her intensely, wondering what she could want. He smirked slightly at her requesting something from him, seeing as she was in no more of a place to bargain than she was. “Nosfera is mine to deal with,” her voice dropped hard against the tense atmosphere. His grin broadened as a soft chuckle escaped his lips. He nodded and took the seat she had offered him, feeling more comfortable now. “Of course, Raynee.” She watched as he sat, leaning her own tiny frame against the hard, cold surface of the wall. She pulled a pack of cigarettes from the table in front of her, lighting one and allowing the smoke to roll gently from her nose as she thought quietly to herself. Alucard watched her, his hands clasped before him and resting against the tip of his nose. He lowered his hands to his lap, finally breaking the silence between them, "So do tell me, mistress, why is that you have such an interest in making sure you are the last to see Nosfera alive?"
"What does it matter to you, Alucard?" his name rolled off her tongue easily, yet her voice held an annoyance in her native welsh tongue because of his bold question. She crossed her arms gently over her chest, staring him down as she awaited his reply. He grinned at her reaction, almost predicting something of its nature. Raynee narrowed her eyes at this before turning away once more. "Shouldn't be you be off caring for the Russian whore and her unwanted child?" She turned her head from his gaze, shielding her pale blue eyes from his inquizzative looks and stares. "Yes, I suppose that maybe I should," his grin did not leave his face as he spoke and rose from his chair. He bowed his head respectfully towards her. "Goodnight, mistress and thank you." She nodded as she watched him walk from the sitting room and through the front door, sighing softly as he vanished from sight. She walked back into the darkened area where they had spoken, her mind churning with thoughts of destruction and chaos as she whispered Nosfera's name. She grabbed her pack of cigarettes from the table, lighting another and inhaling deeply before muttering softly to her, "Why does it matter to him? Why does it even matter to me?" She sighed gently once more as she asked one final question of herself, "Why should it matter to anyone?" She shook her head gently, long crimson hair falling along her shoulders like a silken waterfall. She lifted her gaze from the hardwood floor that it had fallen on, seeing how she was all alone yet again. Her shoulders slumped, her eyes heavy with sleep, she retired to her room for the dawning hours.

She sat in the darkened basement, the soft moonlight spilling through the cracks of the old window her only light. Her raven hair lay spun along her shoulders, like a delicate web of onyx fiber. Her colorless, white eyes peer down at the tiny daughter she holds close to her chest, a smile present on her blueish lips. The baby girl yawns hard, her tiny newborn face wrinkling with every motion. Keeria chuckles, happy for the first time in many centuries. She touched the baby's soft skin, running a pale, fragile looking hand across the tuft of dirty blonde hair that sat atop her head. She cooed softly to the child, whispering sweet, emotionful things she kept between only the two of them, "Such a beautiful child. And you are the only one that I could ever truly love. The only one that truly deserves it," She looked away from the child into the darkness, rocking her gently. Her mind dared to remember why she was even holding the child, how the child had come to be born so soon. "Yes, your father, Epic, did show cruelty," She looked down to the child once more and smiled. "But from his cruelty you were born, and that right now is all that matters," She sighed softly as she ran a hand over the child's hair. "But he was cruel…cruel because of her. It is true, Darvian. She had twisted every emotion he ever had for me into cruelty and hatred now. And because of that, they should pay…both of them. I would never want to hurt Epic, but he chooses to believe her and therefore he sealed his own fate." Darvian slept now, unaware of the malice her mother held for her father. Content to be only in the soft, loving arms that had brought forth to her life and love, all the things that she needed, as would any infant. Keeria laid her gently in the make shift bed, standing slowly as she stepped back to view her daughter from above. She smiled slightly once again, the stubborn corners of her mouth twisting as the joy faded quickly and the sadistic thoughts returned to her mind. She clenched her fists hard at her side, driving her nails into the soft flesh of her palms. The blood ran like water down her snow-white wrists, dripping in soft droplets on the hard floor. She tossed her head gently, her raven hair flowing smooth across her shoulders to the small ridge in the middle of her back. She smirked, unclenching her hands and licking the blood slowly from her fingertips. She muttered softly to herself, running her tongue across her dark, full lips as she spoke, "The bitter sweet taste of blood. How it can even soothe the coldest of hearts," She smirked wickedly and chuckled softly. "Soon it won't be only my blood I am tasting. When the ancients have risen and I have drank my share, I will be rid of them both." She tucked the baby safely away, assured that she would sleep throughout the night until Keeria had returned. Turning to the old steps, she jogged her way to the top until she reached the basement door. She stopped short, hearing two male voices speaking with heated tones towards one another. Cracking the door slightly, she leaned against it and watched as an argument insued between Epic and Nosfera.
"The ancients, the ancients! That is all you ever talk about anymore, Nosfera. When are you actually going to do anything about them?" Epic yelled at Nosfera harshly, his anger obviously been fueled. Nosfera glared at him, speaking with just as much harshness, "When they are ready, Epic. They are not ready yet."
Epic smirked and shook his head; his large hand finding it's way to his dirty blonde hair and pushing the stray locks from his covered eyes, "Not ready? In other words, you are not even prepared for they’re awakening," He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "It figures as much." Nosfera growled lowly, not wanting this part of the conversation to go on any farther. He tapped his fingers along the front of the podium, pacing around the wooden structure until he stood just in front of it.” What are you even doing here, Epic?! Shouldn't you be downstairs with your Russian whore and your child?" he yelled fiercly, slamming his fists onto the old podium. It swayed and rocked beneath his force, threatening to give way under the pressure. Epic looked at Nosfera, obviously shocked. He did not know that Keeria had given birth. But then again, he didn't really care. He glared at Nosfera before speaking, "I couldn't give a damn about Keeria or that child. They are both mistakes in this world." Epic turned his back to Nos, lowering his cold gaze to the stone flooring beneath him. "Oh, and would you say the same about Ana if you were to ever get her knocked up?" Nosfera taunted, stepping away from the podium as he approached Epic. "Leave her out of this, Nosfera…" Epic clenched a fist at his side, trying to keep his anger from completely boiling over. Nosfera stepped up to Epic, getting in his face and staring him in the eyes. "I won't leave her out, Epic. I care for her more than you do!" Nosfera stunned himself, not able to believe that he actually admitted it to someone other than himself.
Epic smirked, releasing a low chuckle at Nosfera. "Too bad that she despises your very existence, Nosfera. So you should just keep on hoping, because she would never leave me for some pathetic fledgling who is nothing more than one of Raynee's leftovers." He pulled out the silver zippo, lighting a cigarette as he walked away from Nos slowly, the smirk still present on his flushed lips. Nosfera hung his head, unable to think of anything as a reply. His rage grew through his skin, his flesh burning with the desire to kill Epic once and for all. Keeria pushed the basement door open slowly, not caring if she was heard or not. She approached Nosfera, laying a hand on his slumped shoulder as she studied his face. Her cold, expressionless features grew soft for a moment, feeling the younger man's pain and torment. Nosfera looked up at Keeria, his eyes meeting with hers for only a brief moment before he pushed her hand from him and began a brisk walk to the open doors of the church. He jogged down the stone steps, his hands thrusting into his pockets as he walked. Was he more handsome? Vanity... Was he stronger, faster? He is older...maybe it's his age... The thoughts raced through his mind like flashes of insults, demeaning his character and breaking his spirit piece by piece. He walked the long driveway, climbing the stairs of the sweeping front porch. His eyes searched the door, his hand hesitating at his side before lifting to pound on the hard wood. The door opened slowly and she appeared before him. Her long, red hair swept gently across her slender shoulders, cascading down the small of her back. Her pale blue eyes were masked with anger and hate at seeing him. Raynee quickly slammed the door, but met with resistance as Nosfera's hand pushed against it. His voice came soft, almost pleading with her, "Please, Raynee…"
Raynee stared at him for a moment in silence, hiding her shock at his grief. She stepped back and motioned for him to come in. "Fine, Nosfera but make it quick. I don't have all night." Nosfera let go of the door and walked in, flinching lightly when Raynee slammed the door behind him. He watched as she walked past him to sit on the lavish couch. He stared at her as she stared at him and spoke gently to answer her silent question, "I don't really know why I am here…this just seemed like the only place I could go…I couldn't stay there…not with all of them." "And why can't you stay there, Nosfera," Raynee asked with an arched eyebrow, frustration and interest mixing into her voice. "They're the problem, Raynee," He sighed and walked over a chair, sitting down as he looked around the familiar settings. "They seem to always be the problem these days…" "It is your own fault, Nosfera. You knew exactly how all of those foreign sewer rats were when you left. You seem to have only yourself to blame for this one. So if all you came here to do is to whine about a situation in which you put your own self in, then you know where the door is." She takes a long breath as the silence fills the room after her harsh, truthful words fall completed. Taking her long, crimson hair in her hands, she pulls it behind her head and allows it to fall in long cascades down her back. Her pale eyes search out Nosfera's sad features, her heart freezing to the emotions that begin to fill her body. Nosfera gazes at the floor, biting at his lower lip before finally looking to Raynee. He replies gently, choosing his answer carefully, "Right now, Raynee you are my only friend…the only one who I can turn to and the only one who really knows me." "I don't know anything about you anymore, Nosfera. I haven't known anything about you since the night you decided that our life together would be too boring for you and just left me." "Listen, Raynee that's not how it really was…” his words trailed off as he tried to choose his words carefully. After a few moments, he spoke once more, "It wasn't that our life was boring, that's not it…its just that there was nothing here for me. Nothing that satisfied me anymore it seemed…not even you. And I didn't know how to tell you, that's why I left." Raynee stared hard at him for a moment, letting the silence build before she finally spoke, "And did you think just leaving would be any less of a pain? Did you think that just making me feel as if it was all my fault would be any less of a pain? Just what were you thinking, Nosfera?! You should have just come to me! Instead, you left me one night without a word of why…left me to my own blameful thoughts and feelings…you made me live without the truth." "I am sorry, Raynee…" "Sorry…” she seem to almost choke on the word as it slipped through her lips. "I don't care what you are, just don't be sorry. Sorry can not change what happen…it will only make it worse." She pulled her long hair away from her face, finding herself angrier now than when he had first arrived. Grabbing the pack of cigarettes from the end table, she lit one quickly and walked towards the large bay window that over looked the orchard. Nosfera hung his head slowly, knowing full well that his reasoning was pathetic amongst other things. He looked up and stared at her small frame a moment, waiting for her to speak once more but finding only tense silence slowly filling the halls of the great mansion. I shouldn't have come here... he thought to himself. What has this even accomplished? Dejected, he turns to leave but stops short when Raynee approaches. Her pale eyes burn with fury, but her soft voice speaks calmly to him, Her pale eyes burn with fury, but her soft voice speaks calmly to him, "But I can't blame you feeling like you did. And I can not hate you for doing what you only thought was best nor can I deny you the chance to apologize. All I ever wanted was to know why…that's all I ever needed…" "Raynee, really I am sor--," but his words got cut short by her. She shook her head and sighed softly, then spoke, "Why did you come here, Nosfera? What has gotten you so upset that you think you can't go home?" "Its just all of them…they are all power hungry…blinded by their own greed," He sighed for a moment as he ran his hands down his face. "Keeria can not see past her hatred for her cousin and her obsessive love for Epic. Alucard cares not for anyone in the clan but Keeria. He is merely there to make sure nothing happens to her. Epic only seems to care about himself as it is anymore. And Anallee…she doesn't care about anything anymore. Only Epic it seems…" With his statement finished, his chest fell with a small sigh of relief. Raynee stared at him, her heart sympathetic, yet remaining full of anger at his past betrayal. Her mind fought with the emotions, the fact of what she should do. Her long, crimson hair fell back along her shoulders, the cigarette having burned halfway down in her slender fingers as she listened to Nosfera's pleas. Stepping to the elegant french doors, she opened one and stood beside it. Her hand rested firmly on the wood, her demeanor calm as her insides shook with emotions. Nosfera nodded his head slowly and walked towards where she stood, touching his hand briefly to her small shoulder. Her eyes fell to his touch, memories flooding her once again as she tried to shake them away. Her voice came forth sketchy and without the collected demure she had hoped to keep, "Goodnight, Nosfera." "Raynee, please...," but he quickly silenced himself, seeing no point in it. "Have a pleasant night, Nos…"

Chapter 4

The smoke rolled from his thick lips, the coarse, blonde stubble on his face glinting slightly in the moonlight as it shown through the cracks of the broken church windows. He tapped the toes of his black Demonia boots together, the sound echoing through the empty church. He leaned further back into the pew, the cigarette dangling between his lips as his arms crossed loosely over his broad chest. Soft footsteps began to echo along the stone floors, but Epic did not care to look up. His blue eyes peered at Ana from behind the dark sunglasses, his heavy German accent lying across his words as he spoke, startling her slightly, "And where are you going?" "Where ever the hell I please if I feel like it," her words shot back at him fiercely, yet still weary from the last beating she took. "I am not in the mood tonight, Anallee. So, where are you going?"
"Well, seeing as how it isn't really any of your damn business, Hitler I was going to look for Nosfera because I needed to speak with him." "Nosfera," He arched an eyebrow behind his sunglasses as he said the name. "And what do you want to see him about?" She smirks at him and shakes her head before she speaks, "You see, that falls under the none-of-your-damn-business section." Not finding her attitude towards him amusing, he allowed the cigarette to drop to the floor as he stood. His six foot five frame hovered over her like a building, shadowing her against the soft moonlight. She cringed inside, afraid of what he was about to do, but she did not allow herself to show the fear that lingered just beneath the surface. He stepped closer to her, his solid chest brushing her shirt lightly as his breathing deepened with each passing breath. Ana's skin quivered, her arms wrapping around her waist to hide the goose bumps that rose on her pale skin. She turned her head away, almost afraid to look through the sunglasses and into his piercing eyes. Epic studied her a moment, his expression was cold and callous as he looked her over once more before speaking calmly, "Once again, why are you going to see Nosfera?" Ana stared at the ground before looking up into his face, immediately regretting it, letting it show involuntarily in her voice, "And once again, it is none of your business." "Look, Ana I am getting really tired of your childish games. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice." "No, Epic. We can do this one way. You can get out of my way so I can go find Nosfera, speak with him, and then go to bed for the day so that I may wake next to you, wondering why I have yet to slit your damn throat or repay every ounce of pain you have caused me." Frustration and rage over taking him, his large hand grabs her by the throat, slamming her head violently against a near by pew. The wood cracked beneath their weight, moaning in a sad pain. Ana winced, crying out as her head bounced off the hard bench seat. His massive weight pressed against her, Epic found no force within him that could hold back his fury and anger. His hand raised several times, slapping her hard across the face. He watched as her neck snapped back and forth, her hair tossing into her face and eyes as small tears of hatred streamed down her cheeks. She pulled her knee between them, pushing him hard from her body as she struggled to free herself. Epic's hands grabbed at her wrists, pinning her frail arms over her head as he pressed himself harder against her slender frame. His eyes peered at her through the dark lenses, searching her clouded emerald orbs for some sorce of sanity that he could grasp onto. Finding only anger, he pressed his lips against her neck hard, his eyes closed tightly. She has it coming...she always has it coming... he reasoned with himself as he kissed her skin harder, her head moving rapidly away from him. Ana sank her nails deep into the soft flesh of his hands, clawing at his skin in a pathetic attempt at release. She squeezed her leg once more between them, kneeing him hard in the groin. Epic shot back, holding himself in pain as Ana moved quickly backwards on the bench into an upright position. Her mouth bled from the blows, her head spinning as she stared at him. Pushing the hair away from her eyes, she stood slowly and stepped away from the pews, waiting until she got enough distance between them before she spoke, "Nosfera was right about you, Epic." "Nosfera…right about me," he asked the question through the dimming pain, almost chuckling coldly. "Nosfera is a fool." "Maybe, Epic but he was right this time," Ana wiped the blood from her mouth and looked at the stain on her hand before speaking, "He has always been right about you. I was just too blind to see it…nor maybe to far in to care." "Or maybe you have just let Nosfera fill your head with too much bullshit, Ana. But then again, you always have been a sucker to anyone who would actually listen to your depressed whining or anyone who would dare to show that they actually cared about your 'tormented' little life," the words slipped through Epic's lips cruelly and harshly, stinging the air with the insane rage that clouded his unbalanced mind.
Ana looked back up at Epic, studying his face and eyes silently for a moment before she spoke, "I can't deal with this night after night, Nazi and I am not going to, either. I quit this clan…this lifestyle…and I quit with you, Epic." He chuckled a bit and waved her off. "Go then, Ana. Just leave." He watched her intensely, hiding his flood of emotions behind the dark glasses. Ana stared at him a moment in shock, her mouth almost gaping at the insulting words that still lingered heavily in the air. Her heart fell fast, her feet carrying her slowly away from where they both had stood. Epic watched as she moved away, her slender figure becoming as shadow in the darkness as she stood before the grand doors of the old church. Knowing that she could leave at any moment, her body gone from his sight, Epic walked towards her. He tried to slow his hurried pace, not wanting to show the haste in his heart. As he came upon her, Ana turned quickly and stared at him with her defenses raised. She waited as he opened his mouth, but his words made no sounds as they echoed silently in the back of his throat. She crossed her arms, tapping her foot slightly as her patience and emotions towards him wore thin. Epic cleared his throat loudly, finally finding the words he wished to say, "Ana, don't leave. Please…" Ana arched an eyebrow at him and scoffed. "Don't leave? Why the sudden change of heart, German? Why, not even five minutes ago you seem to be all for the idea of me leaving." "I was not for the idea, Ana. I just didn't think," his words trailed off, fading into the tense darkness. "You didn't think what? Didn't think I would really leave? I am not doing idle threats anymore, Epic. I mean it this time, I swear. I will walk out these doors and never look back nor have another thought of you again." "You can't do that, Ana! You just can't…you simply can't," the words stumbled from his mouth as he tried to figure out what else to say, all other words becoming stuck in the back of his throat. She stared at him in silence for a moment, and then spoke, "I can't? I just can't? Just watch me, Epic." She grabbed for the handle of the door, jerking it open quickly. Epic's large hand pushed against it, slamming it shut as he stared down into her eyes. His own held a hidden sadness behind them that she had yet to see. She felt vulnerable for a moment, almost sympathetic. His tongue ran gently along his full lips, his throat quivering slightly as he cleared a path for the words that needed to be spoken. Ana gazed at him, crossing her arms lightly over her chest as she grew impatient with his antics. The sound of his voice filled the room. Silent, yet emotional they poured freely to her, "I am sorry, Ana. Sorry for everything." "No, Epic. Not this time," her words came forth slowly as she felt herself give in to him once more, although she tried to hide it as best she could.
He sighed and placed his hands daring on her shoulders, speaking softly once more, "Please, I swear to you that I am sorry this time. I don't know what came over me…something in me just snapped. It won't happen again, I promise…I swear." "And give me one good reason why I should believe anything you just said or anything you have to say." "Because…because I love you, Ana…," the words slipped through his lips easily, almost relieving the tense atmosphere that had built between them.

Keeria stormed the priest quarters, slamming open the rotting wooden door loudly as she entered. Her black stilletto boots clicked loudly against the stone floor, her pale eyes searching the darkness. Her gaze stopped when she spotted Nosfera in a corner, positioned almost in prayer against one of the coffins. She cleared her throat loudly, his head looking slowly up. His gaze drifted over her as though he had been brought back from a dream. Sighing loudly, Nosfera stood slowly from his bended position and walked towards the older woman. He patted her shoulder lightly as he stepped past her, attempting to exit the room. Keeria leaned hard against the door, blocking his way out as she spoke in a cold tone, "God, those two are absolutely sickening! They're disgusting and pathetic! They need to be put out of our misery."
Nosfera rolled his eyes at her ranting and sighed, humoring her in the hopes she will go away quicker, "Who is it now, Keeria?" "Who do you think, Nosfera? It is who it always is: the Romanian Rat and the genocide loving Nazi.""What have they done now?" He arched an eyebrow at her, hiding his now developed curiosity. "Professing their true love for one another," Keeria spoke sarcastically, almost gagging at she spoke the words that caused her hatred. "He is so pathetic. The minute she threatens to leave, he acts like a whipped puppy who can not do without his master and begs her to stay. Its disgusting." "Really now? I am surprised he would even care if she left," he scoffed and shook his head. "I am sure he doesn't. He probably just wanted to make sure he had a permanent punching bag around." Keeria studied him for a moment after he spoke and grinned, knowing exactly which buttons to push. "Why do you even put up with it, Nosfera? If you really love her, and I know that you do, you shouldn't allow the Nazi to always beat her." "Since when did you really care about the welfare of your cousin, or how I felt about her?" "I don't care, Nosfera. I was merely commenting." "Well from now on, Keeria keep your comments to yourself. And by the way, you could forget your little idea of trying to push me into coming between those two. If you want it done so damn badly, then you can do it."

Keeria bit hard at her bottom lip, trying not to show her anger to Nosfera as she stared at him a moment longer. Rolling his eyes, Nos finally pushed past her and through the door, walking slowly and quietly down the stone hallway into the main part of the church. He stopped quickly, looking for any signs of Ana or Epic. Seeing no one, his heart sank drastically as a low sigh escaped his lips. His mind wandered to the conversation with Raynee and with Keeria, his heart finally able to pine for the woman he truely loved. He shook his head as he turned slowly, bumping into someone that stood just behind him. His eyes found Keeria's, her eager grin on her dark lips prompting him to finally speak to her about his visit to Raynee. Nosfera leaned against the old podium, staring at her a moment before finally speaking, "I went to see Raynee, she wouldn't help me, so maybe you can convince her. It's all I can tell you, Keeria." He turned and exited the church, not bothering to look back.